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How can I merge premade configurations?

There is no way to automatically merge premade configurations. It is also not recommended as there is a lot of overlap between packs. However, it is possible to achieve this by manually comparing and copy/ pasting each enchantment, but note that a lot of enchants are very similar/ the same just with different names. Groups would also need to be changed to ensure they match the groups you have.

How can I disable an enchantment?

There are two ways to disable an enchantment. You can either delete it from the enchantments.yml file or you can add enabled: false to the enchantments like so:

  enabled: false

Specified group does not exist!

If you're getting a warning in your server's console that looks like Failed to load the "x" enchantment! Reason: specified group "y" does not exist!, it means the group assigned to the enchantment does not exist. This is most common when downloading pre-made enchantments from the marketplace. All you need to do is open the enchantments.yml, navigate to the enchantment in question, and change the group: string to a group that exists. All groups can be found in the groups.yml.

Non-English languages garbled in-game

Add -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 to your server's startup flags.

Hex Colors

To use Hex Colors Here is an Example of the Format needed {#88b94b}Planter

Skript 'on break'

By default skript's on break: does not work with AdvancedEnchantments. You need to use on break with priority lowest: to use lower priority, so Skript event runs before AE.

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