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Answers to a lot of frequently asked questions

How can I merge premade configurations?

There is no way to automatically merge premade configurations. It is also not recommended as there is a lot of overlap between packs. However, it is possible to achieve this by manually comparing and copy/ pasting each enchantment, but note that a lot of enchants are very similar/ the same just with different names. Groups would also need to be changed to ensure they match the groups you have.

Why doesn't lootConfiguration.yml file show up in my AdvancedEnchantments folder?

Loot generation, including villager trading and custom enchants through enchantment tables are only available on 1.13 and above, due to lack of Spigot API functions.

How can I disable an enchantment?

There are two ways to disable an enchantment. You can either delete it from the enchantments.yml file or you can add enabled: false to the enchantments like so:
enabled: false

Specified group does not exist!

If you're getting a warning in your server's console that looks like Failed to load the "x" enchantment! Reason: specified group "y" does not exist!, it means the group assigned to the enchantment does not exist. This is most common when downloading pre-made enchantments from the marketplace. All you need to do is open the enchantments.yml, navigate to the enchantment in question, and change the group: string to a group that exists. All groups can be found in the groups.yml.

Non-English languages garbled in-game

Add -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 to your server's startup flags.

Hex Colors

To use Hex Colors Here is an Example of the Format needed {#88b94b}Planter

Skript 'on break'

By default skript's on break: does not work with AdvancedEnchantments. You need to use on break with priority lowest: to use lower priority, so Skript event runs before AE.