GKit Permissions

GKIT Permissions

In the AdvancedEnchantments plugin, GKITs are customizable kits that can be used by players on the server. Each GKIT has its own unique permission that allows players to access and use it. The following is a list of GKITs and their corresponding permissions:

  • Spooky GKIT: gkit.spooky

  • Hyperdrive GKIT: gkit.hyperdrive

  • Destroyer GKIT: gkit.destroyer

  • Guardian GKIT: gkit.guardian

  • Diablo GKIT: gkit.diablo

  • Valentines GKIT: gkit.valentines

  • Arcane GKIT: gkit.arcane

  • Gladiator GKIT: gkit.gladiator

  • Trickster GKIT: gkit.trickster

  • Templar GKIT: gkit.templar

  • Viking GKIT: gkit.viking

  • Tinkermaster GKIT: gkit.tinkermaster

  • Admiral GKIT: gkit.admiral

  • PartyAnimal GKIT: gkit.partyanimal

  • Enchantment GKIT: gkit.enchantment

  • Grandmaster GKIT: gkit.grandmaster

  • Voidwalker GKIT: gkit.voidwalker

  • MasterBuilder GKIT: gkit.masterbuilder

  • Independence GKIT: gkit.independence

  • ArenaChampion GKIT: gkit.arenachampion

  • Butcher GKIT: gkit.butcher

  • Cannoner GKIT: gkit.cannoner

  • Cosmonaut GKIT: gkit.cosmonaut

  • Paladin GKIT: gkit.paladin

  • Warlock GKIT: gkit.warlock

  • Loki GKIT: gkit.loki

  • GrimReaper GKIT: gkit.grimreaper

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