Enchantments In Essentials Kits

Including Custom Enchantments in EssentialsX Kits

Enchantments are based on NBT data, therefore adding enchantments in lore will not work. Solution is to have commands in kits which give out items with custom enchants:

/aegive <player> <material> <amount> <all other data> Example Usage:/aegive GC 1 diamond_helmet name:&d&lName protection:5 glowing:1 lore:&&7cLore_line#1|&&7cSecond_Line

Using this command, custom enchanted items can be given using similar to Essentials Kits (and the /give command) formatting.

EssentialsX is required for further steps. It's an improvement and continuation of the legacy Essentials plugin. Essentials Kits are located in plugins/Essentials Kits.yml file.

Example Kits with Custom enchanted items:

    delay: 6000
      - GOLDEN_APPLE 64
      - DIAMOND_PICKAXE efficiency: 5
      - /aegive {player} DIAMOND_SWORD 1 sharpness:5 unbreaking:5 customenchant:2 anotherenchant:6 name:&cDiamond&d_Chestplate 
      - /aegive {player} DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE 1 protection:4 unbreaking:5 customenchant:2 anotherenchant:6 name:&cDiamond&d_Chestplate

Here's a kit with 2 items that have custom enchants. By listing commands in kits, it's possible to give out custom enchanted items with Essentials kits.

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