Explanation of what Souls are, how to obtain them and how to use them.

Souls are a special built-in currency, designed to balance powerful enchantments by charging Souls per enchant activation. They can be very simply added to any enchantment, e.g.:

      souls: 100
        - 'MESSAGE:This will only activate if player had enough souls!'

How to obtain souls?

Souls can be gathered by killing players using weapons with Soul Trackers applied on them. The Soul Tracker item is given with a command:

/ae giveitem <player> soultracker 1

For every player kill with an item that has a soul tracker, they will gain 1 soul on the item. This can be changed to a different amount in config.yml:

  # Amount of souls given per kill
  souls-per-kill: 1

Souls from mobs can be gathered by enabling this setting in config.yml:

  # Should souls be collected from mobs? 
  collect-souls-from-mobs: true

Souls from mining blocks can be enabled by changing these settings in the config.yml.

    # Collecting souls from mining
    # This can be used as a "tokens" currency for prison servers
      enabled: false
      # Chance to gain a soul from mining
      chance: 20

You can also give players Soul Gems which can be drag & dropped onto items that have Soul Trackers applied to them. These will increase Souls on items by the specified amount, obtain these items through this command:

/ae giveitem <player> soulgem 1 <soul amount>

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