Creating Enchantments
The enchantment creation process may seem difficult to begin with, but once you get the hang of it, it will become miraculously easy to do so. Firstly practice making simple enchants before getting into more complex creations.

Starting out

Firstly, a basic understanding of the enchantment template is required to start creating enchantments. Here's a run over the simple formatting:
<enchantment name ![lower case]>:
display: '<enchantment display ![colours allowed]>'
description: '<enchantment description> ![colours allowed]'
applies-to: '<applies to ![category]>'
type: '<enchantment type>'
group: '<group ![upper-case]>'
- <material>
<level number>:
- '<effects>'
This will be the basic template to use/learn when creating enchantments. Let's run over each of the settings:
    <enchantment name ![lower case]>
      This will be the "back end" enchantment name, used in all commands/admin processes
      Enchantment name must be written using lower-case
    <enchantment display ![colours allowed]>
      This will be displayed in item lore, chat messages, and book formats
      Colour codes can be used with the display
      Special placeholders:
        %group-color% - Use group's global colour code
    <enchantment description ![colours allowed]>
      This will be the enchantment's description, used in various Menu's and book formats
      Supports "\n" character to split to the new line. Requires double-quotes symbol (") instead of single (')
    <applies to ![category]>
      This will be used in Menu's, book formats, and chat messages
      Tells user which item category it may apply to (for instance: 'Armour', 'Weapons', etc.)
    <enchantment type ![]>
      Defines what enchantment type this will be categorized as
      Enchantment types can be found here [TODO: create enchantment types page]
    <group ![upper-case]>
      This sorts enchantment into specified groups from groups.yml file [TODO: create groups.yml page]
      This will also hint at the plugin what global colour should be used for display
    <material ![]>
      Sets a specified list to which items enchantment can be applied to
      Supports plugin shortcuts such as:
        ALL[material]_ - Sets all specified material items ([Wooden, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Gold, Chain], e.g.: 'ALL_SWORD' will allow all types of swords)
        _[material]ARMOR - Supports all type of specified armour (Can also be used with the previous shortcut to create ALL_ARMOR item type, which will allow all possible armour pieces)
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