Slot Increasers

The Slot Increaser is an integral feature of AdvancedEnchantments, offering a way to increase item slots.

Functionality and Features

Core Purpose

  • Enhancing Capacity: The Slot Increaser's primary function is to increase the enchantment slots on items, allowing players to apply more enchantments than the standard item limits.

Enchantment Groups

  • Categorization: Similar to enchantments, Slot Increasers are grouped (e.g., ELITE, UNIQUE), with each group indicating the number of additional slots added. The group does not restrict the type of enchantments that can be added.

Command Interface

  • Command Usage: /ae giveitem <player> slotincreaser <amount> <group>


  • Command Execution: Executing /ae giveitem Steve slotincreaser 1 SIMPLE would provide the player 'Steve' with a Slot Increaser from the SIMPLE category, which would add a specific number of slots to an item.

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