AdvancedEnchantments UI

Reimagined Menus and Icons for immersive experience
  • Completely reimagined Enchanter GUI with new book icons and direct buttons to Tinkerer and Alchemist
  • Brand new Tinkerer GUI with unique layout and new icons
  • New Alchemist GUI with new icons and a new inventory layout
  • Upgraded default messages
  • New 7x book icons for Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary and Fabled enchants

Upgrade your AdvancedEnchantments UI here:

How does this work?

This uses ItemsAdder or Oraxen plugins to apply custom textures to AdvancedEnchantments menus. This is as simple as just installing one of those plugins, adding this pack and custom AdvancedEnchantments configuration - that's it!
Complete guide on how to install with those plugins (or just as a resource pack) is included within the pack files. Full installation support is available for customers of this pack on our official AdvancedPlugins discord server, any questions or problems will be answered there.