⏱️Repeating Enchantments

Repeating Enchantments only works for Worn Armor and held item

Setting enchantment type to 'REPEATING', you unlock access to another flag for each level 'time: (seconds)', which allows a set period in-between each enchantment activation:

  display: '%group-color%Feed'
  description: 'Chance to feed 1 bar of food every few seconds.'
  applies-to: 'Helmets'
  type: 'REPEATING'
  group: 'SIMPLE'
      chance: 30
      cooldown: 10
      time: 5
        - 'MESSAGE:&aYou have been fed!'
        - 'ADD_FOOD:1'

This also allows setting chances for activation as shown in this example:

     chance: 30

each time it runs (in this case, every 5 seconds), it has 30/100 chance (30%) to activate and run.

The REPEATING type allows setting cooldown as well, so in case the timer activated it and chance allowed it to run, it will not be ran for the next (in this case 10 seconds).

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