Enchantment Conditions
Learn how to activate enchantments depending on set conditions. This article is still work in progress.
Conditions let you choose under what circumstances enchantment should be activated/stopped or chance of activation increased/decreased.

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    Dynamic Variable (Find all variables here)
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    Expected result
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Conditions work by comparing dynamic variables with your expected result. If variable's result matches your result, then the outcome will be taken into consideration.

Following condition will not activate effects if player's health is higher than 5 points (2.5 hearts):
%victim health% > 5 : %stop% | Dynamic Variable | Expected Result | Outcome |
Next condition will only allow enchantment to work if player is in a world called my_world:
%player world% = my_world : %allow%
Final example is a bit more complex, it combines multiple conditions. If player's Y level is less than 30 and health is more than 5 hearts, it will increase chance of effects activating by 10:
%player y% < 30 && %player health% > 10 = : %chance%+10
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