Features List
    Custom Enchantments [200+ Enchantments (Fully Configurable)]
      This plugin provides the ability to create enchantments with a simple configuration. The enchantments are easy to create and to customize pre-made ones
      We offer pre-made configurations of big servers
      The plugin comes with a configuration of which includes 200+ Enchantments!
    Great Enchantment Configuration [cooldown, chances, etc.]
      Assign cooldowns, chances, souls required per-level of enchantments, as well as effects of the enchantment
      Apply conditions per-level of enchantment, to carefully select when enchantment activates, chances are decreased or increased
      Use built-in effects to affect players in combat or in radius (AOE)!
    Configuration Auto Updater
      Just drag 'n drop the latest plugin version and let it sort all-new settings out
      Never worry about so-many updates that this plugin receives
    Extremely Reliable
      Every feature has been carefully tested by our team to make sure the best possible experience.
    Custom Mob Drops
      Drop any custom item from the plugin with chances when a mob is killed
      Drop random enchantment books as well
    Plugin Wiki
    Armor Sets
      Create custom armor sets (which require 4 pieces of the same armor set to be equipped)
      Apply any effect to armor, from potions to lightning (all enchantment effects are supported with armor sets)
      Heroic Armor
        Armor which turns Diamond armor into Leather, while doubling durability and armor strength
      Armor Crystal
        Upgrade Non-Armor Set piece to an armor set one by applying this crystal
    Plugin Items [Scrolls, Trackers, etc.]
      Slot Increaser
      Applying will increase the number of slots available on the item.
      Boundaries can be set to limit the number of total slots, or how many increasers can be applied.
    Enchantment Orbs
      Enchantment orbs can be applied to armor/weapons and will increase the amount of enchants you can apply on that item by the number specified in the orb command
    White Scroll
      Applying one of these to your item will protect it from being destroyed from a failed enchantment
    Secret, Mystery, and Magic Dust
      Increase book(s) success rate, while decreasing failure. The higher the success rate is, the higher chance of the enchantment applying to the item.
    Black Scroll
      Applying this item will take away one random custom enchantment from the item, and give a book of it with certain success & destroy rates [can be changed in config]
    Randomization Scrolls
      Applying one of these to the given custom enchant book will randomize the success and destroy rates
    Item Nametags
      Using one will let you rename items. Word blacklist and other settings (such as colors) can be toggled in config.yml
      Apply a tracker on tools to track the number of blocks mined using the item.
      Applicable to weapons, to track player kills done with the item.
    Soul Tracker
      "Stack" souls on items as fuel, then use for enchantments.
    Transmog Scroll
      Organize enchantments on the item
    Holy White Scroll
      Save items after death.
    Mob Trak
      Track how many mobs have been killed with an item.
    Enchantment Slots
      Limit enchantment count per-item.
      You're able to increase slots, by applying "Slot Increaser", within the boundaries set in config.
      Buy enchantment books, which right-clicked or instantly can reveal true enchantment.
      Enchanter can be re-configured to sell books for different economies other than Experience, for example: Money Economy
      Add Items to execute commands [for player/console], add price for commands [This way you can add admin items
      such as scrolls for sale!]
      Exchange your enchanted armor for experience, or exchange your custom enchant book for a fireball. A fireball has a chance of getting magic dust, which improves the success rate on a given rarity enchant book
      GKits are unique, god kits designed to be created with a timed cooldown, to give as a perk for donators.
      GKits items can be assigned with custom enchantments from the plugin (even your created ones), with chances of enchants applying, random levels, etc.
      Create enchantments to use this "virtual" economy for enchantment activation.
      Gather souls by killing players with items Souls Trackers on them.
      Add soul price for enchantment per-level, to make players pay-to-activate their enchantment.
      Withdraw souls from items to SoulGems (via command /withdrawsouls) and put them on armour!
      Create "Unique", "Common", etc. Dusts, Randomization Scrolls, and more
      Define per-group enchantment color
    Factions & McMMO Support
      Conditions for enchantments with Factions and McMMO
      Check player territories
      Give effects to faction members/enemies in radius and more.
      Combine two dusts for a better rate
      Combine two enchantment books for increased enchantment level (i.e. two Speed I books for Speed II)
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